Lisa Audit

Lisa Audit started out her life in Marbleton, Quebec and found her love of art at a very young age. She would often spend time browsing at different things in order to inspire her creative mind. Things such as furniture were often the focus as she explored the latest trends in the design world.











The color combinations that she saw while visiting furniture shops amplified her creativeness and she incorporated this into her artwork, often depicting the mood that she felt at the time. After she completed high school, she went on to college, enrolling in the graphics design program.

With a flair for color as well as creating stunning graphics, she was quickly hired by a large company that produced wallpaper for homes and businesses, and then branched out her creativeness in the design world by taking on new mediums.











Some of these mediums included designing stationery and bathroom accessories as well as all kinds of fabrics. A lover of life with a creative mind and a flair for design, she is one Canadian artist with unique talent.

Lisa Audit has also created many fine art posters, canvas transfers, and limited edition art work. Many of her pieces are of floral nature, showcasing the beauty of a garden that is in full bloom. Other designs show the delectable delights that can be found in a sweet shop or in the home of a skilled baker.

When looking at her many beautiful designs, you can see how she definitely has found her niche in life. Some of her graphics are simple in nature, not modern art but art from a world long ago. All are beautiful indeed and it is hard not to compare Lisa Audit’s graphic designs to the wonderful artwork of Monet.

Her designs can also be found on recipe cards, which also depict a scene of floral or plant life. Ferns, grasses and ivy mixed in shades of green adorn these cards, they are used in homes where treasured family recipes are carefully written out and passed down through families.

Nowadays, she attributes her creativeness to the inspiration that she receives from her own family. Lisa Audit still lives in Marbleton, Quebec with her husband and two children, a boy and a girl. All of her design work is carefully planned and orchestrated in her loving home among the squeals and delight of her young children, along with her husband close by.

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