Thanksgiving Decor

Canadian Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and with it brings thoughts of turkey, cranberries, stuffing, family, blessings, friends, gratitude for our great country and of course, the pressure of setting out a beautiful table-scape, along with a moist and perfectly cooked turkey. Come on everyone, if you are the cook in your family, you know this is true.

Well, this year I am raising the decorating bar, so to speak. I am going to transform my dining room into a Thanksgiving extravaganza and to do so I am changing up the decor in the room, as well as the art. I have had this project lurking in the back of my mind (as all great ideas tend to do) for some time now and this year I am going to make it happen!!!

There are fabulous artists out there who celebrated Fall with their art and here are a couple of my favs. I haven’t settled on either one yet and they have completely different vibes. The Franz Heigl is fresh and bright, while the Janet Kruskamp print has a feeling of rustic elegance and old world charm.

Pumpkins on white bench


Tuscany Harvest art print

Tuscany Harvest by Janet Kruskamp

Vinyl wall art will play an important role in my thanksgiving decor transformation.  While tossing around ideas with my hubby at the dinner table, he suggested, “RIP Turkey” and “Let’s Eat” as some viable options.  I kid you not.  I, however, would like to maintain some semblance of respect to the holiday that is Thanksgiving.  Perhaps, “Family, Blessings Beyond Compare.”

Thanksgiving decor was my inspiration today.  What is yours?

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