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Popular Posters & Prints Week of Apr 7th, 2013

Mediterranean Gold by Michael O’toole 28″ x 28″ Last Supper by Tobey 20″ x 8″ Success – Fall Leaf by Craig Little 22″ x 28″ ‘Success is not the key to happiness Happiness is the key to success.’

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Lisa Audit

Lisa Audit started out her life in Marbleton, Quebec and found her love of art at a very young age. She would often spend time browsing at different things in order to inspire her creative mind. Things such as furniture … Continue reading

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Salvador Dali: Eccentric, Genius, Master

Salvador Dali was one of the greatest surrealist artists of all time. He is well known for the ability to translate dreams into art on canvas. He called these pieces, “hand painted dream photographs.” Continue reading

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